Prediksi Rayo Vallecano vs Atl Madrid 07 Januari 2016

Prediksi Rayo Vallecano vs Atl Madrid 07 Januari 2016

Prediksi Rayo Vallecano vs Atl Madrid, dalam kompetisi Spanish – Copa del Rey ini akan digelar pada (07/01/16). Laga ini nantinya berlangsung di Estadio del Rayo Vallecano akan dimulai pada Pukul 04.05 WIB.

Rayo Vallecano – 5 laga terakhir Rayo Vallecano yang tercatat kurang baik dalam 5 laga terakhir mereka yang dimana tidak dapat memenangkan satupun dari 5 laga terakhir mereka. Pada pertandingan terakhir Rayo Vallecano yang tampil sebagai tuan rumah berhadapan dengan Atl Madrid dengan skor akhir 0 – 2 dimenangkan oleh Atl Madrid. Pada pertandingan mendatang Rayo Vallecano yang mendapatkan kesempatan kesempatan untuk tampil sebagai tuan rumah akan berhadapan dengan Atl Madrid, tentunya Rayo Vallecano tidak akan memberikan kemudahan bagi Atl Madrid untuk dapat memenangkan laga mendatang. Rayo Vallecano menduduki peringkat 19 klasemen sementara dengan perolehan angka 14 point.

Atl Madrid – 5 laga terakhir Atl Madrid yang tercatat sangat baik dengan meraih empat kemenangan dan satu kekalahan. Pada pertandingan terakhir Atl Madrid yang tampil sebagai tim tamu berhadapan dengan Rayo Vallecano dengan skor akhir 0 – 2 dimenangkan oleh Atl Madrid. Pada pertandingan mendatang Atl Madrid yang berkesempatan untuk tampil sebagai tim tamu akan berhadapan dengan Rayo Vallecano, tentunya Atl Madrid akan tampil dengan baik dan maksimal untuk dapat memenangkan pertandingan mendatang. Atl Madrid menduduki peringkat 2 klasemen sementara dengan perolehan angka 38 point.

Pada pertandingan ajang Spanish – Copa del Rey ini akan mempertemukan Rayo Vallecano melawan Atl Madrid yang dimana pada pertemuan mendatang ini merupakan pertemuan yang sudah kesekian kalinya bagi mereka. Pada pertemuan terakhir mereka yang dituan rumahkan oleh Rayo Vallecano dan berakhir dengan dimenangkan oleh Atl Madrid dengan skor akhir 0 – 2.

Head to Head [Rayo Vallecano vs Atl Madrid]:
* 31-Des-15, Rayo Vallecano 0 – 2 Atl Madrid
* 25-Jan-15, Atl Madrid 3 – 1 Rayo Vallecano
* 26-Aug-14, Rayo Vallecano 0 – 0 Atl Madrid
* 27-Jan-14, Rayo Vallecano 2 – 4 Atl Madrid
* 26-Aug-13, Atl Madrid 5 – 0 Rayo Vallecano

Lima Laga Terakhir [Rayo Vallecano]:
* 06-Des-15, Villarreal 2 – 1 Rayo Vallecano
* 13-Des-15, Rayo Vallecano 1 – 2 Malaga
* 17-Des-15, Getafe 3 – 1 Rayo Vallecano
* 20-Des-15, Real Madrid 10 – 2 Rayo Vallecano
* 31-Des-15, Rayo Vallecano 0 – 2 Atl Madrid

Lima Laga Terakhir [Atl Madrid]:
* 09-Des-15, Benfica 1 – 2 Atl Madrid
* 14-Des-15, Atl Madrid 2 – 1 Atl Club
* 18-Des-15, Atl Madrid 1 – 0 Reus Deportiu
* 21-Des-15, Malaga 1 – 0 Atl Madrid
* 31-Des-15, Rayo Vallecano 0 – 2 Atl Madrid

Daftar Pemain Sementara:
Rayo Vallecano – [Tono] [Antonio Amaya,Diego Llorente,Nacho Martínez,Zé Castro] [Jozabed,Adri Embarba,Roberto Trashorras,Raúl Baena] [Javi Guerra,Bebé]

Atl Madrid – [Oblak] [Godín,Filipe Luis,Giménez,Juanfran] [Tiago,Koke,Gabi,Ferreira Carrasco] [Griezmann,Fernando Torres]

Bursa Taruhan:
Handicap: Rayo Vallecano [1¾:0] Atl Madrid
Over/Under: 3 ¾      

Prediksi Skor Pertandingan dari dadu online : Rayo Vallecano 0 vs 3 Atl Madrid

How to Win Play Mix Parlay The Lucky

How to Win Play Mix Parlay The Lucky

Until now mix parlay betting become the most profitable betting players. So many players who took the bet to benefit greatly when playing football gambling. You can use several strategies to win the mix parlay betting. Here are some ways to win playing mix parlay that you can use:
• Combination of Party Mix Parlay
In the mix parlay betting you can choose a lot of games on a prepared agenda. So you can do two kinds of mix parlay betting. For example, if there are 8 games prepared to mix parlay betting, you can divide it into two parts. Where in each section has a different number of games. Mix parlay 1 player can choose the eighth game. Mix parlay both players can choose 3 games are you confident predictions.

• Observation Match
Players can make observations in advance about the ball game is already in agendakan. So with sufficient knowledge, will help you in determining the predicted outcome of the game. You can find materials through the internet network observation. Or you can take advantage of word prediction feature available on the city’s website online sphere.

• Calculate the value Voor
The value voor will be attached to every game on the agenda of the bola online bookies. You must be good at choosing the given match will voor online bookies. For that you have to analyze voor with the actual team strength. If it is odd, it is better you do not engage the match to be included in the mix parlay betting.

Indeed, the most profitable betting mix parlay betting among others. But that does not mean you can bet freely. You still have to take into account the prepared game balls online bookies. Calculation of the game you can use when betting on betting provided. These strategies have been tried over the profit results so that you can use a strategy in how to win playing mix parlay.

Know the Gambling Games Roulette Sbobet Online

Know the Gambling Games Roulette Sbobet Online

Although gambling game roulette / online roulette does not require special skills to play it, it does not mean do not need to know the game. With knowledge of the game of sbobet roulette is more, the more players the opportunity to win a large enough. For those of you who want it, here are some things about the game of roulette:
• Game Rules
In the game of roulette players only served to predict where the roulette ball will stop. In roulette there are 38 possibilities for prediction of the ball will stop. 38th such predictions are numbers 0-36. Large enough occurrence probability value of each digit is used.

• Type Wheel Roulette
This game has two kinds of wheel often in the game. What distinguishes the wheel used is the addition of the prediction “double zero” 00. Both versions are the American roulette European Roulette. Where in the American roulette there are predictions of a double zero.

• Various Bets
Bet is a step which is also done in roulette gambling. Where in the roulette game there are many kinds of pertaruh. Opportunities appearance of each prediction was equally large, since the cessation of the roulette ball can not be ascertained, given the roulette game using the help of Earth’s gravity in the game. For more details, the following kinds of betting in roulette gambling:
a) Odd Even
Like the name of the meaning of these bet types. Players must predict the cessation of the dice on an odd number / Odd and Even / Even.

b) Red Black
In the game of roulette there are signs of color behind the numbers written predictions. Where the odd numbers are red, and even black.

c) Association
Kinds of roulette betting is also divided into three sets. Where the 1st is a set of predictions 1-12, 2nd set 13-24, and the 3rd is the rest of the set 25-36. In addition to these collections, there is also a set of predictions roulette numbers 1-18 and 19-36. The set final in gambling roulette bets are called 2 to 1, where the option is similar to the 1st-3rd just divided by numbers located on the lines marked on the roulette prediction board.

• Bonus
Many kinds of bets that exist, also gave large bonuses are manifold as well. In the sbobet game of roulette there is a big bonus from the betting odds 2-35x stake players.

Playing Poker Online Successfully

Poker Online Successfully

Poker games have been taking the whole gambling industry by storm. This is noticed already and there is no telling until when this will be. It seems to be around for quite some time. A wide array of poker games is available. But then, the most popular would have to be the poker rooms in poker online Indonesia. Since the arrival of these poker rooms online, the creation of fan base turned out to be for real as well. It became present needless to say. There are many individuals around the place who are interested in securing participation. This should be fine too.

Playing with Ease

Poker online Indonesia is to be played with an internet connection of course. Prior to the arrival of online poker, though, players are normally being compelled to hit the nearest casino. It is not the same though because this can be utilized at the present. The only thing that has to be done is an internet connection. This is for the computer that has to be undertaken in order to play. It does not matter when or where this is to occur. At least, there is no longer a need to spend time travelling just to get to the nearest casino. Satisfying needs may occur in a different way in here. The thing is that there are many individuals out there who have moved their career forward to these online rooms for the casino. There are thousands of people out there who are given the chance to earn good enough just to pursue this sort of endeavor.

Strategies have to be employed though even if playing is to judi online sbobet occur online. This is still necessary to succeed. It would not hurt to read on reviews about this. This will be effective enough for people who are actually clueless about what to do.

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Beginners’ Pointers In Playing Poker

Pointers In Playing Poker

Playing poker as a beginner can be daunting. But if you keep in mind some pointers, it can get you to a good head start. Well, it would not make an expert out of you overnight but with more experience in the game, you will notice marked improvements. Also, we recommend that you start with online poker as this can get you less nervous about playing on an actual table. There are also real stakes to be enjoyed playing online and a good number of people have already raked in decent sums. At any rate, we also recommend poker online Indonesia because the interface is very user-friendly and any newbie will be able to navigate excellently. Moving forward, here are three of key points for the fresh poker player.

The Most Common Waterloo

The most common error committed by players especially beginners are playing with too many hands. Amateurs are especially prone to assuming that any hand at all can make a win. While there is some credence to this, one cannot rely on it absolutely. The tactic is rather double-edged. While it may result to more chances of winning, it can also be increase the likelihood of losing.

On Bluffing

You might have heard the term from the more experienced and you wonder if you can master “bluffing”. Actually, used the right way and having an awfully strong instinct will get you far in the game. But this is not something we advise the beginner. You may be able to pull off a bluff here and there but do not base too much of your play in it – at least not yet.


You would need to pay attention to the game. Like the game of chess, score88 tangkasnet poker also requires you to be very keen in hands that you are being dealt with. You need to be able to masterfully place stakes depending on how you assess the round you are playing with awareness of what your opponent’s cards might be.

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Is It Worth Your Time to Play Poker

Time to Play Poker

With lots of things that you can do online, it would be better that you spend your time playing casino games. Though gambling is not accepted by all people, realizing how you can benefit from it will surely make you want to try it. It is true that playing casino games carries with it a risk because you can lose your money in just a blink. Yet if you will win the jackpot then for sure you would want to jump and get your winnings right away.

The Popularity of Online Poker

Beginners can play casino games even without using real cash. This is the best way that you can do if you want to familiarize yourself with the games. And if you know that you are ready to place your bets then you can search for an excellent provider of casino games. You can try playing poker online Indonesia during your free time. Playing casino games online is better than going to a real casino if you want to keep away from the hassles of traveling to the casino.

With lots of people who are addicted of playing sbobet 338a, it is no wonder why there is also lots of online casino that can provide you with this game. Poker online Indonesia will assure you security thus keeping information from you in private. This is something that people look for when playing casino games so you have to go for a reputable website. Reading reviews can be of a great help or you can ask a friend who has been playing poker for years. You can also look for bonuses that can add up to your playing account.

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Playing Online Gambling With Correct Way

If you want to hone the ability to be a master agent of the ball can continue to read the article. Maxbet soccer betting has captivated fans worldwide ball game. A person is not going to be a great master without a fight even harder. Also can learn from the way other people play. When you play well observe how that person. That way your skills increase. Can be used to fight someone with a smart agent maxbet which organizes gambling.

See your skills as a master of football gambling, will take into account your opponent. Surely they also set up a new strategy. But not to fear, use the knowledge you have learned well. Exercise has been done will help to face the opponent. No need to fear losing. A master of gambling would face all the obstacles confronting. You’ll easily be able to overcome the opponent to play with ease.

Maxbet online gambling is very convenient. The first list the first and then get to play Maxbet tutorial. Before signing up search agents Maxbet reliable. To register in order to receive a password and username. Only then can gamble in the smart maxbet. How to play gambling can be obtained after obtaining a password and username. Is very important to choose an agent gambling Maxbet reliable just like sbobet online. Because without going through an agent, you can not play. So selective in choosing an agent a necessity in the online gambling game.

While playing online gambling note the correct way below:

Go to the website Maxbet
After completion will be able to register a username and password. Use the username to enter and play in Maxbet. We recommend to the security of your account, change the password. In addition to protecting from agents are not reliable. Agent online gambling irresponsible will go on your account.

Log in
Username given by agents that you choose can be used to log in. I enter the password of Maxbet then type GO. After that, will be brought into the main page. On the main page there are several menus you can choose or be studied first. There are many games for you. Bored with one game can change other game. Similarly, you are out of luck with the game, changing the other.

Search agent maxbet reliable
If you want to play Maxbet, should look for the best agents. The role of the agent is very important in online gambling games. After getting an agent at will immediately register yourself. Will be given a 24-hour customer service services. Ask anything you do not know the customer service. You need to be sure and must not hesitate, if there is still doubt select any other agents. Feel the thrill of playing online gambling in Maxbet.

The reason people enjoy gambling game online is a more time efficient. Many are interested in gambling online such as Smart Maxbet will became handy and in demand by people. Although both of gambling you have to keep learning. Because online gambling game system is somewhat different from the gambling directly. The most important process is to find an agent online gambling.

After finding out ways to play properly. You will easily fit on a website online gambling agency. Menus are contained on the first page you have to understand a pretty good job to avoid mistakes while playing. Do not get when you win while playing online gambling in smart maxbet so disturbed because one chose the menu. Finally a victory turn into a defeat.

New Innovation With Sbobet Online Main Via Android

New Innovation With Sbobet Online Main Via Android

Taking action to play poker is an activity that is quite entertaining for the people of our beloved country. Many are doing a poker game with bermaian against friends, relatives or her own family live. But the progress will be sophisticated technology, could certainly make poker becomes easier to play. Very popular card game can be played from interner world. Even play online poker via android is also very widely circulated to the general public.

As one item that almost possessed by everyone, android is one human helpers in order to live more easily. As a smart phone, of course it has many advantages that facilitate the needs of the community, usually in a world of information. It also applies to the gamblers. They can take advantage of the smart phones in order to play poker online. So there are the advantages offered of gambling via android.

Step Play Poker Onlie Via Android

With so many facilities such as today’s technology makes gambling more easily in galakkan, especially gambling poker cards. As one of the gambling that are excellent, the card game is already there and can be played on the internet for a long time. But playing poker via android has diinovasikan last few years. Look at the smart phone users increasingly widespread in circulation, it is not wrong if the city provides the facility to play in the smart phone. And some steps in order to play are:

• Download application
The fundamental difference when you’re playing poker on your PC or Laptop deangan playing in android is when you first play. If your PC or Laptop can be played directly from the site offered an agent, another case when playing with Andriod. You need to download the application in order to run this gambling poker cards. You also do not need to be confused where a download, because most of the agents have included places where you can download the application on their website. That’s so that you can more easily and straightforward.

• Registration
And the same with the next step when playing on PC atu Laptop. Playing with gadgets smart phone, you need a registration in order to obtain an account. In those accounts, you will find ID and Pass as usual. And most important of these stages so that you do not divulge your ID along Pass on anyone. Because it’s where you save money or coins are used to gamble later.

• Enjoy gaming
And lastly, you can already play poker are the same as kerika gamble on your PC or Laptop space agency’s By playing through the android based applications, you can do it with the time and place that is not limited. Especially the room you are playing more freely now. If you play only with a cell phone, of course it is more flexible area that you can choose to play poker into the game fun.

Here above is a step that you can play poker online via android. Play poker via a smart phone in outline almost the same when trying to play via PC or Laptop. Which is the basic difference is in the first step. When playing in Andriod you must first download the application in order to play. For the next steps are relatively the same, namely the register to obtain the account and can be played with these applications.